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You are not alone. Belly fat is a REAL thing. It can raise your heart disease and type-2 diabetes risk and cause early death. And the truth is this…  

The extra pounds most people gain between Halloween and New Years take about 5 months to lose. If you struggle with weight gain today, this could be your story. But here’s the good news…you don’t have to live with your belly in your lap.  

I am here to help and I’ve developed the perfect system to get you back on track for your healthiest and best body ever.

Here's what you'll get in my Fresh Start Bundle

Fresh Start guides

Fresh Start Clean Eating Cleanse Downloads (Value $40)

  • 15 Day Guide to Clean Eating (Value $20) 
  • 15 Day Cleanse (Value $20)  
Fresh Start whitepapers

7 Whitepaper Downloads (Value $180)  

  • 15 Ways To Lose 15 Pounds Now! (Value $20)  
  • Why Krispy Kreme Donuts-Are the Best Part of a Weight Loss Plan (Value $20)  
  • How to Eat Carbs and Still Lose Weight (Value $20)  
  • Belly-fat Shredder Foods To Flatten Your Belly Finally! (Value $20)  
  • Dr. Ro Approved Guilt-free Foods (Value $20)  
  • Dr. Ro Approved Fat Fighters (Value $20)  
  • Dr. Ro Approved Stress-fighter Foods (Value $20)  
  • Fresh Start 30-Day Meal Plan Download (Value $20)  
  • You, Healthy and Happy eBook (Value $20)  
video series

Fresh Start Recipe Video Series Downloads {7 quick-n-easy recipes} (Value $105)  

  • Belly-fat Blaster Shake (Value $15)  
  • Sugar-Curb Shake (Value $15)  
  • Chili-lime Kale Chips (Value $15)  
  • Bell-Ringin’ Spinach Salad (Value $15) 
  • Detox Juice (Value $15)  
  • No-cook, Hi-energy Protein Bars (Value $15)  
  • Mexican Chicken and Lime Soup (Value $15)  

Fresh Start Meal Plan Pack Downloads

Fresh Start bonuses
  • Fresh Start Quick Start Guide (Value $20)  
  • Fresh Start 30 Day Shopping List (Value $20)
  • Fresh Start 30-Day Meal Plan Download (Value $20)
  • Lose Your Final 15 mp3 w/ Bonus Track Lose Your Final 15 Anthem (Value $15) 

Sherri Shepard

“Dr. Ro has been my nutrition coach since she helped me lose weight on The View. It was a lot of work, but in the process she helped me to lose 40 pounds. I keep her on speed-dial.“ —Actress Sherri Shepherd

I am offering people who take this step forward towards a better life and better health for themselves, this Fresh Start Bundlevalued at $380to get it for only $97!

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